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Sales upload enhancements



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As part of our continued commitment to streamline the sales upload process for our customers, we’ve added several fantastic features that will make things even simpler.

Sales upload template

If you’re having trouble setting up your first sales file, you can now download a simple template that helps you ensure you’re providing all the correct customer data to us. The template can be easily downloaded straight from the Sales Upload area of your Feefo Hub.  

Sales upload checklist

Want a little more information about the sales data you need to upload? We’ve got you covered with our handy upload checklist. This gives you a quick overview of all the information that we need you to include to successfully upload your sales data to Feefo, including the file format, product search codes and emails.

Clearer upload outcome messaging

We’ve made the progress of your sales upload journey a lot clearer with three outcome messages for a successful, partially successful or failed data upload. Depending on the message, you can quickly navigate to a detailed summary of your upload data to easily spot where you may have issues that need amending.

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