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Omni-channel collection

With Feefo, dive into a world where sending reviews becomes an experience, not a chore. Experience swift, quality feedback via tailored requests, captivating visual content, and hassle-free scheduling. 

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Feedback Request Manager

Collect feedback at every touchpoint 

Reach out to your customers at any stage of their journey with personalised feedback requests designed to maximise response rates.


A more engaging way to connect

More feedback means more valuable insight. By sending your feedback requests via SMS, you can tap into a more engaged audience and increase the likelihood of them writing a review.  

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Location Feedback

Discover Excellence

Collect feedback in-store as well as online to get a holistic view of your customer experience. 


Alternative feedback collection

The Smartlink feature allows you to generate feedback without sending order information via product/sale files. Instead of receiving a Feefo email, customers receive a Smartlink by what ever method you choose to send it.


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