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Consumer insights unlocked with Feefo

We know consumers.
And we know businesses.
Our specialism is serving you the right insight so you can make the best decisions.

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Reviews matter.

Verified reviews matter more.

Collect reviews by invitation from verified customers

Listen and learn from high-quality feedback

Access insights to help you make the right decisions


Data with integrity

Feel safe in the knowledge that the commercial decisions you make are from verified, unfiltered truths.

We know that the best stories told are the real ones, which is why every single review collected has come from a customer who has purchased from or interacted with you.

Giving you the confidence you need to make decisions you can rely on.

Improve conversion rates by 18%

Drive consideration and preference to purchase with your consumers by placing your verified Feefo reviews at every step of the customer journey.


Customers convincing customers

Building and maintaining a relationship with your most engaged customers empowers them to do much of your marketing work for you.

Their word of mouth recommendations create a positive ripple effect, expanding out from your core advocates to generate new business, as well as cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Why wouldn’t you want to harness the power of advocacy for your business?



"Your customers are your greatest advocates. Give them a platform to share their feedback, and that empowers them to support your brand."


Tony Wheble
CEO, Feefo

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