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Looking for premium tools to help your property company stand out from the crowd? Feefo doesn’t just enhance knowledge about your customers; it grows trust. In one of the toughest industries in the world make listening to your customers easy. 

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Key benefits

Deliver outstanding customer service

Increase valuation requests and conversions

Get first-hand insight into how your agency is performing

How is works 3

Giving clients the confidence to use your property company

We’re proud to be the platform of choice for both brick-and-mortar and online property companies - large and small.

Buying or selling a property is probably one of the biggest and most daunting decisions people make. Letting and renting a home can be challenging too. So, giving clients the confidence to use your business is key. And our reviews are a great way to build that belief in your business.

We provide everything you need to connect with sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants. Our easy-to-manage tools can help you drive inquiries, viewing requests, and valuations. So you’ll stand out from the competition and convert prospects into customers.

Using reliable reviews from verified customers, our property clients benefit from high-quality insights built on feedback they can trust. These insights can show you how well your company is meeting property customer needs and guide you on what you can do to make their experience with you the best it could be.

How it works 6

How we can help

Understand your clients better

Get a clear view of every part of their experience – from walking into your branch or clicking on your website to picking up or handing over the keys to a property. Then use everything you learn to improve what you do and offer, build stronger relationships, and increase trust in your brand.

Boost customer belief 

Use our AI technology to display feedback at critical points in the customer journey. Let your clients share their experiences through photo reviews to prove that your company is perfect for others too. 

Drive more sales

Increase in-branch footfall and online traffic by displaying feedback from all your different types of customers - property owners or seekers. Sharing this feedback across your website and social media can guide others looking to sell, buy or rent to choose your business.

Optimise the digital experience 

Improve your click-through rates, build trust, reduce bounce rates, enhance dwell time, and more: 

  • Feefo on-page displays are designed to support interest in your property services and convert prospects into customers, so you make the most of your ad spend 
  • Share verified client feedback that delivers fresh content. Using social proof like user-generated content (UGC – such as the photos we mentioned earlier) can help you qualify for Google Seller Ratings to stand out from other property businesses online. You can relax knowing you’re working alongside a Google Partner too.    

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