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Go beyond the sales cycle 

Find out what motivates your customers. With Surveys, you can create and distribute questions for specific feedback, at any moment. From the website first-look to over-the-counter service.

Surveys tabs

Qualitative insights


of businesses say post-sales engagement increases trust 


Customers who answer surveys are 3x more likely to use your services

1/2 million+

feedback request sent per day

Surveys how it helps

Reach your customers at every touchpoint

Whatever your question, find out what your customers think at any point in their journey with custom surveys.

  • Add surveys at any touchpoint on any channel  
  • Gather anonymous feedback in an instant 
  • Personalise your message 
  • Use analytics for sentiment and trend insights 
  • Collect opinions from within your business to improve employee engagement

Easy to measure 

Easily measure satisfaction, sentiment, and effort of interaction with globally recognised customer experience metrics such as Net Promoter® Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES). 




"More reviews = more conversions. Don’t believe us? Products with five or more reviews have significantly higher conversion rates than those with none."

Spiegel Research Center, 2021

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