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People want to hear from like-minded individuals, which is why showcasing your reviews along the customer journey is vital. Find out what your customers really care about, listen at every touchpoint—from check-in to post-holiday blues—and act on your insights to help future travellers.

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Insights from every experience

Track and report on individual features that are being spoken about in reviews

Spotlight the moments that profoundly shape the customer journey

Identify problem areas and solve issues before they escalate

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Location Feedback

Location, location, location

Feefo’s insights are a crucial element for development strategies. Pinpoint locations, identify underperforming areas and rectify problems, while rewarding the thriving ones.

Insight Labels

Actionable insights

Insight labels let you analyse data patterns and track trends giving tangible insights into the minds of your customers. Better still, tagging is unlimited – so report regularly on feedback, add tags and segment campaigns to get greater insight.

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Google Business Integration

Enhance your visibility

Help holiday makers discover your service and increase your visibility by taking advantage of Feefo’s google partnership. Adding seller ratings to Google ad campaigns to increase conversions and save money on advertising spend.

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