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Make smarter decisions 

Transform your feedback into actionable insights with ease. Monitor and uncover consumer motivations, bolster engagement, prioritise enhancements, and achieve astute business choices.


Actionable insights


requests handled per second during peak traffic

61 million

 reviews collected

1/2 million+

feedback requests sent per day

Feefo Reports

More than just a star rating

The Feefo suite contains lots of tools which are designed to get the most out of your reviews. With a little help from our analytics, you can find out more about your customers’ shopping experience, the quality of your products, what they thought of your service – the list goes on!

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Feefo Analytics: Essential

Strategic decision-making

Feefo's tools provide you with fresh data and insights to help you make informed decisions. With user-friendly reporting platforms and cutting-edge technology in the Feefo data suite, there's always a pathway to elevate your business to the next level.

Feefo Analytics: Service and Product Performance

Performance review

Fine-tune your insights with authentic reviews straight from your customers. Our exclusive invitation-based platform guarantees precise and actionable feedback, providing genuine perspectives. Unpack what your customers really think to pinpoint areas meriting improvement, and start propelling your business forward.

Data Services

Identify data trends

Gather data from all channels using our advanced reporting tools within the Feefo Hub. Our tools analyse customer feedback by demographic, location, and time to uncover valuable insights that drive business growth and creativity.




Luxury villa tour operator CV Villas used Feefo’s data insights to capture customer sentiment by destination, with simple reporting showing how it was changing over time. The changes they were able to make with these insights led to a 26% increase in CV Villa’s website traffic and a 31% increase in conversions.

 Astutis, a leading health and safety training provider, harnessed Feefo's authentic feedback system to refine its services. Addressing real customer concerns, they resolved key issues and, as a result, saw a 30% jump in online course demand and a 10% boost in sales, underscoring the vital role of genuine reviews in their business evolution.

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