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Consumer Electronics

Let your products take centre stage. From syndication to day-one reviews, we’ve got the features that can bring your campaigns to life. Understand shopping habits and boost confidence at the buying stage with the power of customer feedback. 

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Key benefits

Get reviews before your new product has launched

Utilise our trusted tester pool or your own to trial your products

Syndicate reviews to maximise your product's exposure 

Sparking trust in the consumer electronics market

Giving consumers the confidence to buy your consumer electronic goods

Whether you’re a mobile phone manufacturer, an online multiplayer game developer, or a consumer electronics retailer, you’ll want to give your products the best chance to take off at launch. You’ll want to nurture them through many years of sales to come too.

Consumers can be wary of anything new to the market, though – unless they’re avid early adopters. So how do you instill trust in your products from day one before you’ve made many or even any sales? The answer is easy… Feefo.


Get reviews before your new product has launched

97% of consumers use customer reviews*. So, having them available from day one can make all the difference between your product succeeding or not. And our Review Booster can get those reviews in place before you’ve made your first sale.

How? We invite members of a community panel to test your product and review it before it ‘hits the shelves’. You send it to them, and after they’ve had time to use it, we send them a questionnaire asking what they thought. When they send their review back, it gets moderated and published on your website - or a retailer’s site if you’re a manufacturer.


You can then benefit from:

  • Maximising your revenue from day one with genuine reviews - when consumer electronic good’s margins are probably at their highest
  • Increasing your product’s visibility by using your reviews in launch activities - from social posts to advertising to in-store POS
  • Sharing reviews across multiple retailers if you’re a manufacturer - depending on the retailer
  • Helping consumers at the research stage - with genuine feedback they can trust

Promote your products with a large number of reviews

More reviews result in more sales. In fact, products with five reviews or more have a significantly higher conversion rate than those with none**. But how do you get them? Our Content Syndication gives you access to reviews for the same products across the Feefo client network you can use to build customer confidence and sales. For example, reviews for a white mobile phone sold by one retailer would be grouped with reviews for a black version sold by another company.


This means:

  • You’ll get access to our extensive network of verified reviews - that’s a lot more feedback than you’d get in isolation
  • From day one, you’ll have product reviews to display before you even start collecting feedback
  • You’ll build consumer trust with consistent scores and reviews for the same products across different platforms and retailers
  • Whether you’re a consumer electronics manufacturer or retailer, you’ll have a large volume of reviews to promote your products

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