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Give your customers the gift of expert knowledge when they need it the most. Whether they’re buying a computer, a bike, or once-in-a-lifetime holiday, make your most experienced team members available with Q&A.

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of total retail sales in 2022 were attributed to online shopping


of consumers spend more money after a positive experience


of consumers claim to do more pre-buying research now than previous years


Why is Q&A essential?  

One for all the expert-led brands out there... 

Whether you’re a product-led brand or a niche specialist, proving you have expert knowledge and supporting your customers to make high-consideration purchases can make all the difference.  

Get your best team members in front of your customers at exactly the right moment - from your engineers to your managers - and provide in-depth knowledge and insights at the touch of a button. No more long service queues or lack of responses. Give your customers a helping hand.

Ask an expert to feel confident to buy

  • Reduce support time needed from your team
  • Get valuable insights into what your customers are asking, and respond with ever-green content on your product pages, or even update your product descriptions
  • Get your best staff in front of your customers
  • Boost your search content and display expert Q&As next to each product
  • Highlight yourself as an expert-led brand
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“Social proof is now such an important part of how consumers interact with brands. Feefo has been valuable to us in providing a platform for our customers to voice their opinions on whether we met their expectations.”

James Harding
Online Marketing Manager | Hiscox

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