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Online customer communities

Elevate your interactions by nurturing a thriving community where your customers, potential clients and partners can seamlessly discuss your business.


Empower your brand with a customised community

Unleash the potential of your customers’ voices with a tailor-made community dedicated solely to your brand's essence. Forge connections with customers, prospects, and partners in an environment that fuels authentic peer-to-peer recommendations.

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79% of companies that create brand advocates see an increase in cross-sell and upsell figures 

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50% of all buying decisions are driven by peer-to-peer marketing 

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62% of consumers say they will stay loyal once brands have gained their trust


Devote a digital haven to your valued customers

Feefo offers more than just ratings and reviews. We provide invaluable assistance in establishing an exclusive online community for your existing and potential customers and partners.

At Feefo, you can create an exclusive space where your biggest fans and supporters can help answer questions from people interested in buying your products. Authentic answers help boost sales, strengthen loyalty, and make your brand more visible by going beyond just reviews.

Create a space for peer-to-peer endorsements

Unite your clientele and enable direct, peer-driven engagements by erecting a branded community. Extend invitations to your most steadfast advocates to offer insights to potential customers, nurturing support for your brand and driving online sales upward.



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