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Efficiently manage customer reviews

Feefo's AI moderation provides businesses with automated platform for managing and moderating customer feedback. Our solution ensures that you can leverage advanced tools to enhance the customer experience.

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Time-saving automation


of consumers have been misled by fake reviews


of SME owners have been negatively impacted by fake reviews

1/2 million+

feedback request sent per day


How AI helps  

  • Intelligent Analysis: The AI technology meticulously analyses each review to ensure compliance with your brand's guidelines and policies. It scans for inappropriate language, spam, and other criteria that might deem a review unfit for publication.
  • Automated Decision-Making: Based on the analysis, the AI decides whether a review should be published or rejected. This streamlines the moderation process, ensuring only the most relevant and constructive reviews are displayed.
  • Reviewer Notification: When a review is rejected or published, the AI triggers an automatic email to the reviewer. This email explains the reasons for the decision and, if applicable, provides guidelines for resubmitting a more suitable review.


Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Timely Responses: By automating the review auditing process, your team can respond to reviews more quickly, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Consistent Quality: AI ensures a consistent review moderation standard, maintaining the integrity of your brand’s online presence and fostering trust with your customers.




“Social proof is now such an important part of how consumers interact with brands. Feefo has been valuable to us in providing a platform for our customers to voice their opinions on whether we met their expectations.”

James Harding
Online Marketing Manager | Hiscox

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