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Measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS)® 

Engage in direct conversations with your customers and access their scores in real-time using NPS® via the Feefo Hub.


Discover customer satisfaction


of consumers read reviews before they purchases


of businesses say post-sales engagement increases trust 

1/2 million+

feedback request sent per day


Measure customer loyalty

 Discover what parts of your brand users love while pinpointing the areas that need work with deep dives into key questions and topics.


Faster issue resolution

Harnessing the power of automatic, score-driven notifications to tackle your customers’ biggest concerns right away. Dynamic alerts keep your customer service teams in the loop, enabling them to swiftly address any issues that come up. Feefo’s proactive approach helps you do more than just retain customers; it helps you cultivate new brand advocates.


Outpace your competitors

Uncover how your brand shines in the eyes of your audience while consistently gauging your position against rivals. Armed with feedback from trusted customers, you'll not only measure your own performance but also create a yardstick to measure up against the competition. Stay at the forefront, using your brand’s strength while working on your improvement areas.


 Flight Centre Canada, one of Canada’s largest travel retailers, worked with Feefo to implement its NPS® collection. By celebrating their promoters and heeding their detractors, they were able to tweak their services to end up with one of the highest NPS® in the industry.
Heath_Crawford_-_Case_study_image_-_1102_x_552 (1)

Heath Crawford, an independent insurance broker, leveraged Feefo's verified reviews to solidify their customer service reputation, leading to a 13% YoY growth and 59% rise in web traffic. With Feefo, they secured the Gold Trusted Service Award two years running and achieved a 'world class' NPS score of 86. As a result, they boast an impressive 94% customer retention rate.

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