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Guarantee genuine feedback

By leveraging Feefo's moderation services, businesses can ensure that their customer feedback is accurately represented, providing valuable insights into the customer experience and driving continuous improvement.

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Genuine and honest reviews


of consumers have been misled by fake reviews


of SME owners have been negatively impacted by fake reviews

1/2 million+

feedback request sent per day


Transparent guidelines

Even on an invite-only platform, you may still get reviews that are inappropriate from time to time e.g. those that contain bad language or are about the wrong product. In these cases, you need to be able to flag feedback. A good, trustworthy review platform will have clear moderation guidelines that they use to determine whether a review should be removed or not.

Enhanced experience

The Feefo hub provides a full, sophisticated moderation service that ensures all UGC collected passes through the vetting process and is moderated by Natural Language Processing and/or a team of moderators who reference the content against our unique principles and guidelines as well as ensuring we protect our clients from the threat of fake reviews. 




“Social proof is now such an important part of how consumers interact with brands. Feefo has been valuable to us in providing a platform for our customers to voice their opinions on whether we met their expectations.”

James Harding
Online Marketing Manager | Hiscox

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