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Mention Me

Engage your best customers, learn how to gain new ones and stay on track to meet your key performance indicators with Mention Me – the referral marketing platform for brands focused on growth.

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How Mention Me helps you

Collect and Display Reviews-1

Identify your customer advocates and acquire more like them through word-of-mouth and tracked referrals

Grow your own brand

Take a scalable, cost-effective approach to acquiring high-quality customers at low cost, reducing your reliance on paid channels


Exponentially outgrow your competitors by driving more organic traffic to your website, higher quality inbound customers and stronger retention rates


About the integration

Our integration automatically ingests your review data on a daily basis to allow you to Identify existing promoters in your base and work on turning them into loyal advocates through the Mention Me Platform.

How it works

Through our integration, you can increase engagement with your current and future fans by combining this data with other advocacy signals to improve your segmentation and outreach strategy.


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