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Google Seller Rating

Google Seller Rating stars provide potential customers with confidence in your brand at a glance. Improve click-through rate by an impressive 17% by adding your Google Seller Rating stars to your service score through Google AdWords.

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What Google Seller Ratings show

A rating out of five stars

The number of ratings that the business has received

A qualifier that highlights why you got the rating


About Google Seller Ratings

Seller ratings are an account level automated asset type that showcase advertisers with high ratings.

Seller ratings help people find businesses that offer quality services. Seller ratings can help advertisers improve ad performance and earn more qualified leads.

How it works

Google gathers seller ratings from reputable sources that aggregate business reviews. These ratings primarily reflect customers' overall post-fulfilment consumer experience with your business on a country basis.

You're not charged for seller ratings. When people click on your ads with seller ratings, you'll be charged as usual for clicks on your ad. If you don't want seller ratings to show with your ads, follow the steps to turn off seller ratings.

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