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Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance is a great complementary partner. They help our shared clients leverage their reviews data and content across the Fresh suite of products. Our integration makes it super simple for businesses to add social proof and further tailor marketing efforts, helping them grow revenue, engage audiences and retain them. 

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Why choose Fresh Relevance?


Inject social proof into all your marketing tactics

Member-only community groups

Build consumer trust in a purchase decision

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Tackle browse, form and cart abandonment


Enhance Your ROI with Feefo

Integrate Fresh Relevance with Feefo to create a seamless shopping experience that spans your emails and online storefront. Incorporate our dynamic social proof widgets on your homepage, within product and category pages, across newsletters, and in response-triggered emails to boost both engagement and sales significantly.

Effortless Setup Process

Harness the power of Fresh Relevance to seamlessly import your product reviews directly from the Feefo API, complete with ratings and review counts. Simplify the collection of customer data and enhance personalisation across various platforms by integrating Fresh Relevance into any site effortlessly, with just a few simple clicks.


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