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Totality Services turns feedback into trees with Treefo

Totality Services Turns Feedback into Trees with Treefo

Totality Services Turns Feedback into Trees with Treefo

Totality Services is a London-based team of technical experts on a mission to make their clients’ lives easier when it comes to tech. They have been collecting verified reviews from their clients with Feefo since they joined in December 2017, and recently opted to include Treefo as part of their package with us, to help fulfil their ESG targets.

Totality Services and Feefo

Totality Services initially partnered with Feefo as part of their strategy to stand out in a crowded market. With plenty of competition available in London, businesses need every edge to demonstrate to potential clients why they are the best choice. Since the senior management team at Totality Services places heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, sharing genuine, unbiased feedback from existing clients is an obvious choice.

Prior to working with Feefo, Totality Services were partnered with Trustpilot. However, as they were unable to integrate fully their ticketing system with the Trustpilot platform, they turned to Feefo. This was a problem we helped them solve, and now they collect customer feedback in a way that enables them to understand the insights.

After integrating Feefo, revenues at Totality Services increased by 25%, conversion rates met their 50% target rate, and reviews have consistently reflected the excellent service the company provides. With almost 4,000 reviews to date, they have achieved 4.9/5 stars, and were awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award at this year’s Trusted Service Awards.



“It’s massively important to us that we stand out from the competition and Feefo ticks all the boxes. Nothing is as convincing as the recommendation of a fellow customer we trust. Such high Feefo review ratings are proof of the consistency of what we do for every one of our clients. Using Feefo is one of the best things we have done”

Luis Navarro

Co-Founder & Director, Totality Services


The next challenge

The long-term success of companies isn’t just about profits; customer-centricity is just as important. People expect businesses to have a meaningful impact in the communities they are based, and 81% believe companies should help to improve the environment. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is high on the agenda for Totality Services, and with 90% of businesses expecting to increase investment in their ESG activities over the next three years, investing now is critical to stay ahead.

Totality Services have created several initiatives to prove their commitment to their ESG activities, including a laptop library for underprivileged children to access. They are also working towards B Corp certification. Finding a suitable environmental initiative that tangibly demonstrates their intentions towards their corporate responsibilities, and that made sense within the business operations was a priority.

The solution

Since Totality Services were already collecting feedback from their clients through Feefo, implementing Treefo was a simple addition to make. As clients leave their feedback post-interaction, Feefo fund planting projects on behalf of the business. Clients get to feel good about leaving a review, without their feedback being influenced as it might be with other incentives.

Planting trees can help to offset carbon emissions – one tree can remove one tonne of carbon dioxide from the air over its lifetime. and doing so on behalf of your customers can enhance the reputation of your brand. But the benefits to businesses far outweigh the perception of your company; two in three consumers believe that brands who make public commitments to sustainability are more trustworthy, and 57% of consumers are influenced by how sustainable a brand is.

Businesses that use Treefo find that they collect more feedback due to the motivational factor of planting trees, and displaying the Treefo badge prominently in their marketing encourages browsers to buy. All this means that by signing up for Treefo you’ll see a positive impact on your reputation, and the potential for increased conversions because of the environmental responsibility you’re demonstrating.

What’s next?

Totality Services have pledged to plant a minimum of 50 trees monthly, and as their outstanding service continues, so their clients will continue to provide positive feedback. Thanks to the Treefo initiative, Totality Services expect to see the benefit of the additional feedback, and meeting their ESG goals means the planet benefits too.

As for the partnership between Totality Services and Feefo? We see it going from strength to strength.

To learn more about Treefo and how you can get started, visit our Treefo page, and read about how implementing Treefo made a huge impact for DHL eCommerce UK.

Founded in 2010, Feefo is a ratings and reviews platform that collects reliable and constructive reviews for thousands of clients worldwide. We only send invitations to verified customers to ask them to leave a review, so consumers can learn how people like them feel about different products and services. And companies can truly discover what they’re doing right, and where they can improve. This allows Feefo’s clients to create transparent, trusted relationships and deliver exceptional services that their customers can depend on - every time.

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