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Chambers Wales

As the Chamber of Commerce for South East, South West and Mid Wales, our vision is to create a thriving business community for a more prosperous Wales. We are the business for businesses.


What do Chambers Wales do?


We promote, connect, support and inform businesses across Wales and are the gateway to global trade.


Through membership with us, businesses can access helpful resources, connect with new markets, attend a variety of purpose-led events and be part of a global network.


We offer the connectivity, capacity and competence that your business needs to tackle the challenges you are facing.


How Chambers Wales works

Since 1846, we have made it our mission to help businesses in Wales grow and be heard. We made our start in Swansea supporting the rapid growth in the metals industry and growing ports.

Accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce, we are fully independent of Government and funded by our members and the services we provide.

Joining the Chamber means joining a network of 53 accredited Chambers of Commerce in the UK and 100+ Chambers of Commerce globally.

Using our network, skills and political influence, we find the solutions to the challenges businesses in Wales are facing.

We have the data, insights and expertise to elevate businesses and organisations at any size, from any sector.

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