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Then six areas of sustainability

The ecolabels fall into six categories, which relate to different areas of sustainability. All the ecolabels reward activity that links back to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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Stable climate

Stable climate ecolabels refer to concrete measures businesses can take to reduce their carbon emissions and promote a stable climate globally. These include commitments to using renewable energy, becoming a carbon neutral business and tracking, measuring and reducing emissions.

Clean planet

Clean planet ecolabels focus on waste reduction and increased recycling to protect resources. They reward the reduction of waste, plastic and packaging use, as well as improved waste management through the reuse of products, recycling and composting, all of which protects ecosystems, biodiversity and human health.


Responsible resource use and production

Minimizing the use of natural resources can lower emissions and improve the quality of our air and water. Responsible resource use and protection ecolabels reward the reduction of water in manufacturing processes, creation of a circular economy (i.e. reusing waste products) and keeping production local, which reduces emissions.

Healthy people

These ecolabels highlight an organization’s responsible behavior when it comes to protecting the health and wellbeing of its customers. Brands can achieve these ecolabels by keeping products free of harmful chemicals, synthetic colors and fragrances.


Thriving communities

Thriving communities ecolabels focus on business activity that drives positive change within communities. This covers a range of ethical and sustainable behaviors relating to organizational governance, plus involvement in community initiatives, supporting charities and improving industry standards.

Protecting biodiversity and animal welfare

Protecting biodiversity and animal welfare is central to creating a more sustainable economy. Brands offering vegan products, cruelty free experiences and principles are the focus of this set of ecolabels.



How can Feefo’s Sustainability awareness solution benefit my business?

Feefo’s Sustainability awareness solution gives your business the tools you need to communicate your sustainability journey to your customers clearly and effectively. Displaying your sustainable achievements can help you attract conscious shoppers, strengthen your reputation and differentiate your brand from your competitors, as well as engage your employees and attract new talent.

What is ethy?

Feefo has chosen ethy as our trusted sustainability partner. Through this partnership, brands can showcase their ethy verified sustainability accolades alongside their Feefo verified reviews, building consumer confidence and transparent, trusted relationships.

How much does it cost?

There is an affordable monthly charge based on your business turnover.

What is an ecolabel?

Ecolabels are a series of consumer-friendly badges. Designed to help your customers understand your sustainability achievements, each one links to a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. You can use ecolabels across all forms of marketing, from your website and advertising to packaging and window displays.

What ecolabels can my business apply for?

There are around 41 ecolabels available, which are grouped into six core sustainability areas: Stable Climate, Clean Planet, Responsible Resource Usage and Production, Healthy People, Thriving Communities, and Protecting Biodiversity and Animal Welfare. We will work with you to help you select the most appropriate ecolabels to apply for, depending on your business type. For example, a health and beauty brand might want to apply for the cruelty-free ecolabel.

What do I need to do to receive ecolabels for my organization?

Get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly team. We will work with you to decide which ecolabels to apply for and ​​let you know what evidence you need to supply for each one.

How long does the verification process take?  

The process is thorough but not overly time consuming. An assessment will usually take a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the brand and the ecolabel.

How long is Feefo’s Sustainability awareness solution valid for? 

Ecolabels obtained are valid for 24 months. Brands can submit evidence for reassessment after 12 months and before 23 months should they wish to remain verified beyond the initial term. There is no additional fee for the resubmission of evidence. 

How many ecolabels should I apply for?

We will work alongside you to help you choose which ecolabels you can apply for. Most businesses will receive between three and eight ecolabels.

Why does Feefo have a sustainability awareness product?

Feefo has always supported consumers and businesses to make the right choices, by providing reliable insight from its verified reviews. We recognize the difficulty that consumers face in identifying which brand activities genuinely promote sustainability and which are, in effect, greenwashing.  We believe that we are well positioned to verify the sustainability claims that brands make and provide a clear, straightforward indication of trust that consumers can recognize, when they’re considering purchases.  Our product aims to support consumers and businesses alike by providing a clear way to verify a brand’s sustainability across a number of areas based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The ecolabels are derived from the UN Sustainable Development Goals - a collection of 17 global goals adopted by all United Nations Member States designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. You can find out more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our blog: 

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