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Content Moderation Guidelines

Litigious or Safety Comments

When a consumer leaves a review that claims, without evidence, illegal or fraudulent behavior, such as a business or consumer engaging in dangerous practices, lying, scamming, or selling fake goods or services. This list is not exhaustive and includes instances where actual court action or litigation is mentioned. Comments where a transaction was not accepted due to a fraud check will also be removed if the merchant provides evidence of the fraud check.

Reviews may also be removed where evidence of litigation or court action has been provided and can be validated. Note that we do not accept crime reference numbers.

If the content contains dangerous information not related to the intended usage of the product or service, it will be rejected. For example, if a reviewer recommends modifying, customizing, or adapting a product in a way that creates a safety concern, the review will be removed.

Swearing or Inappropriate Language

Swearing of any kind is not permitted. The platform has built-in profanity filters that automatically star out certain words on all public-facing pages. Swearing and sexually explicit content are considered unnecessary and inappropriate in review content. Depending on the severity and frequency of the swearing, we may hide content from public view.

Any comments of a discriminatory nature will result in the removal of the content. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, homophobia, sexism, or xenophobia.

Irrelevant Content

Content will be removed if it is entirely unrelated to the transaction in question or is about the wrong company or product. Content may also be removed if a customer leaves a product review when the business only collects service reviews, and vice versa.

We also consider whether the content is at least partly relevant to the specific product or service and whether it makes sense to readers. Our review system displays portions of reviews in different sections, typically with a part about the product or service and another about the company.

Comments like "see above" or "see below" that refer to another section of the review would have no context and could confuse consumers.

Inappropriate Media Content

User-generated content, such as videos or images, containing nudity or representations that fall into any criteria for removal, or where minors are depicted who are not the main subject of the review, will be removed.

Requested by the Content Owner

We will remove a review if the author specifically requests its removal from public view and provides direct evidence for the request.

Personal Information

Specific individuals' names or personally identifiable details, including phone numbers, vehicle registration numbers, order reference numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, or bank details, will be removed. This will not necessarily result in the entire content being removed unless other criteria for removal are met.

We aim to prevent reviews from exposing individuals' personal and sensitive information to protect their privacy and prevent potential fraud.

Spam, Advertising, or Marketing

Content that is illegible, contains a series of random or unreadable characters, is spam, or contains URLs will be removed. This does not include reviews where no comments have been left at all. Reviewers are entitled to leave a star rating without accompanying content.

False Content

Reviews that create confusion about a key product or service feature, leading most readers to form an incorrect overall opinion that influences their purchase decision, will be removed if it can be proven that the content is factually incorrect.

We consider whether the content contains an untrue statement and whether it creates significant confusion for most readers about a critical feature of the product or service. We evaluate any available evidence to determine if the statement is incorrect.

Competitor or Pricing Comments

Comments intentionally directing customers to a competitor's website to leave a review will be removed, regardless of potential price differences, as prices vary between companies, over time, and by country.

General observations about price (e.g., "cheap," "expensive") and price ranges (e.g., "around $300," "less than $1,000") are accepted. However, reviews mentioning specific product price information about a particular brand or company are not accepted as prices can change over time and between companies.

Reviews Left in the Wrong Section of the Feedback Form

This includes a service review left in the product section and vice versa. Reviews of this kind will be removed, as incorrect information in each section can hinder our integrations. Flagging reviews for being in the incorrect section will prompt an audit of the account to ensure all reviews conform to the same standard.

The product section of reviews needs to be relevant for other consumers, regardless of which company the reviewer bought the product from. This section will be aggregated with other reviews of the same product and displayed on other websites that sell the product. Comments about the purchasing experience and company interactions should feature in the relevant part of the review, such as the company section.

In product reviews, we consider whether the comments mention the company's name or relate to aspects of the purchasing or service experience. Product reviews referencing the ordering, delivery, returns, or refunds process may be removed as these aspects are only relevant in a service review. However, comments about the manufacturer and the manufacturer's customer service (e.g., repairs, technical assistance, warranty) are accepted whether the product was purchased from the manufacturer or another company.

Incorrect Uploads

Content related to incorrectly uploaded sales data will be removed, and advice will be given on correctly uploading again.

Reviews Not in the Desired Language

Content not in the desired language of the client will be removed, whether positive or negative. This removal will be pre-agreed with our client and apply to foreign language reviews.

Item Not Received – Product

A consumer who has not yet received their item but leaves an experience-based service review will have their review removed unless it is proven they received the item before leaving the review.

A Score That Does Not Match the Comment

Content and scores must be helpful and transparent for consumers and companies, correctly reflecting consumers' experiences. Reviews where the star ratings do not match the comments (e.g., a 1 out of 5 score but a wholly positive comment) will be removed.

Incentivized Content

We only collect content from genuine and verified purchasers expressing unbiased opinions. Our customers are not allowed to offer financial incentives to write reviews, including free samples, gift cards, discounts on future purchases, or anything of monetary value.

A review will be removed if it references an incentive offered by the merchant.

Review Content That We Do Not Remove

Breaching Terms and Conditions

Content that references something violating a merchant's terms and conditions (e.g., about shipping overseas when the merchant does not).

Negative Comments

If a negative review isn't in violation of any of the criteria for removal, it will not be removed.

Negative Reviews and Opinions

Even if the merchant has satisfactorily resolved the issue mentioned in the original review, the negative sentiment or opinion expressed in the review will not be removed unless specifically requested by the reviewer.

Spelling Errors

Content that includes spelling or punctuation errors.

'Unfair' Reviews

Content that represents the legitimate opinion of the consumer but is viewed as 'unfair' by the business will not be removed unless it meets other criteria for removal.

Cancelled Orders

Once a transaction has occurred, a consumer can leave feedback based on their experience, even if the order has been canceled. For example, if a consumer cancels their order due to the quality of a merchant's customer service.

Competitor Reviews

If a competitor leaves a legitimate review after making a purchase, they are entitled to leave a review just like any other customer.

Not 'Useful'

When a merchant feels a published review isn't 'useful' or 'beneficial,' it will not be removed.

After a Refund

If a merchant has refunded the consumer, who has completed their purchase and/or experienced service, the consumer is entitled to leave a review based on their experience.

No Warning

A consumer does not have to complain to the merchant before leaving a negative review.

Item Not Received – Service

A consumer has not yet received their item but did leave an experience-based service review unless they are proven to have received the item in question.

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