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Boost the buzz with Review Booster

Give yourself an instant credibility boost with Review Booster and unleash a flood of reviews before your product even hits the market.

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Day one reviews


of UK consumers read customer reviews before making a purchase


more sales are typically seen from products launched alongside reviews


of UK consumer who read reviews said they trust reviews from verified customers


Impactful product launches

You’ve spent weeks/months/years perfecting your product, creating prototypes, and finally, it’s time to launch. You’d think it would be time for a cup of tea, right? Now the hard work really begins.

We created Review Booster to make the transition smooth from concept to launch. To gather authentic reviews and let you loose. You gain insights, inflate your social proof, and boost your sales.

What better way to show your product some love?

How Review Booster helps

  • Boost buzz with reviews in your pre-launch marketing campaigns
  • Maximize revenue from day one with genuine reviews
  • Get ahead of the competition and gain customer trust with insightful feedback
  • Enhance visibility and boost website visits when sale potentials are highest
  • Give your, less talked about products some love with amplified feedback and most importantly, super-charge your conversion rates



"Social proof is now such an important part of how consumers interact with brands. Feefo has been valuable to us in providing a platform for our customers to voice their opinions on whether we met their expectations."

James Harding
Online Marketing Manager | Hiscox

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