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People like to hear from people like them. They like to know that they’re using a service provider they can trust, who offers real value and quality. What would your customers share if they knew you were truly listening? Enhance your relationship with customers with our verified feedback platform.

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Key Benefits

Improve customer relationships and retention

Boost online reputation and visibility

Display reviews across your website and social media

Product and Service Reviews

Collect real reviews, from real customers

Understand what your customers really think about your service through genuine reviews.
Social Sharing

Display your stars

Build trust by displaying your rating across marketing collateral, social media posts and email. 

Showcase reviews received from other customers, integrated into your site at specific points to stop the scroll. Deploy star ratings next to shopping baskets and in the website header making it visible on every page.
Feefo Analytics

Advanced reporting suite

Feefo’s reporting suite highlights areas for improvement. Dive deep into the meaning behind your reviews to make better business decisions.

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