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Utilise your Feefo scores and ratings to enhance your marketing strategies and boost your brand's presence. (1)

Our assets

From captivating digital ads to engaging print materials, we offer a wide range of resources to engage your audience and drive your marketing efforts to new levels of success. Whether you are seeking to revamp your brand's image or introduce a revolutionary new product, our comprehensive suite of tools is tailored to support your creative vision and help you achieve your marketing objectives with style and precision. Explore our platform and uncover how we can bring your marketing aspirations to life, giving your brand the recognition it truly deserves.

Badge variations

Our assets are split by star ratings, accompanied by symbols, designed to swiftly decode the significance of scores for your consumers:

0 - 1.9 stars 2+ stars 3+ stars 4+ stars 4.7 - 5 stars
Very Poor Poor Good Excellent Exceptional

Please select the star rating that matches your current Feefo rating and score when using it in your marketing campaigns.

We have several approved layout variations for the ratings badges you can use in your marketing collateral. If you require an alternative format, please contact the Feefo support team.

Product rating badge variations

Some examples...

Badge use case examples - Social and website
1. Social and Website
Badge use case examples - TV and Radio
2 TV and Radio
Badge use case examples - Packaging and social
3 Packaging and social
Badge use case examples - Out of home
4 Out of home
Badge use case examples - Stationary, vehicle and exhibition stand
5 Stationary, vehicle and exhibition stand
Badge use case examples - Stationary and packaging
6. Stationary and Packaging
Badge use case examples - Magazine and Newspaper
7. Magazine and Newspaper
Badge use case examples - Signage
8. Signage
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